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Welcome to Love Quotes Love. Here is a collection of love quotations for your lover. Share these cute and unique love quotes to express feelings about your sweet heart.

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My Heart beats for You

Life is for living – I live mine for You
Love is for giving – I give mine to You
Dreams are for dreaming – I dream of You
Heart is for beating – Mine beats for You

Love Quotes Love - The Art of Loving

The art of sharing, the art of living,
the art of giving and the art of caring,
that fills the entire world with one essence,
the art of loving.


True love is like an orchid.
It is delicate, rare,
and is something many people try to find.
It is surrounded by darkness,
much similar to the dirty bog that surrounds it.
If you want true love,
you must be willing to face the hardships.

what is the opposite

What is the opposite of Two?
a lonely ME
a lonely YOU

Love Quotes Love - love does not cost a penny

Love does not cost a penny
if ever given a chance to grow
all it costs is only your time…

Love Quotes Love - I cant promise you the world

I can’t promise you the world,
the moon, the stars, money, cars, expensive cloths,
may be one day I can.
But right now I can promise,
when you are sad I’ll turn into a comedian,
when you are sick I’ll turn into a doctor,
when you are in a trouble I’ll turn into superman,
and when you need love I’ll turn into ME.

I love the way you feel

I love the way you feel, the way you care
And without you I’m so lonely, so upset
I need you like a human needs air
And this is from the moment that we met.

if i know

If I know
What Love is,
It’s Because of YOU