Love Quotes Love

you never pick the people you love

They say that you never pick the people you love
But I never wanted to believe it
And then I met you
And you were what I least expected.
But I learned that sometimes, with love,
You have to forget all that you knew.

You asked me what is wrong
I smiled and said,
then I turned around and whispered,

A Boy Rings the Door-Bell of a girl’s home & Asks ,
“Do you believe in Love at first sight
Should I come back again..”

One word frees us,
of all the weight & pain in life.
That word is,


To love somebody deeply
Gives you Strength
Being loved by somebody deeply
Gives you Courage

Your smile healed my broken heart

Your smile healed my broken heart.
When your eyes gleam, my heart beats fast.
Darling, you’re an angel, a work of art.
I’m now yours, you mine sweetheart.

You are never alone sweetie
You will never be,
because I’m always there for You.
And I will be always,
right there in Your Heart,
to love You constantly.
I Love You

you are the sun

You are the sun in my day,
The wind in my sky,
The waves in my ocean,
And the beat in my heart.