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love quotes love - what hurt most

Some people hurt by words and some by action
But what hurt most is,
that someone ignores you,
when you value them more than anything!

If you have never been in love,
Or are beginning to love for the first time,
Do not hold yourself back.
Let it wash over you, take you in,
Regardless of the outcome.

I love the way you feel

I love the way you feel, the way you care
And without you I’m so lonely, so upset
I need you like a human needs air
And this is from the moment that we met.

what is the opposite

What is the opposite of Two?
a lonely ME
a lonely YOU


Ma angel………
I love u like small kids luv rice….
Like grown men strictly luv ice….
When i fall u make me rise…..
Baby u r d luv of ma lyf and d apple of ma eyes. I WILL ALLWAYS LUV U…
NEVA SAY bye’sss


True love is like an orchid.
It is delicate, rare,
and is something many people try to find.
It is surrounded by darkness,
much similar to the dirty bog that surrounds it.
If you want true love,
you must be willing to face the hardships.

love is like a mountain

LOVE is like a mountain
hard to climb.
once you get in to the top,
the view is beautiful.

I will do anything for your smile

I will do anything for a smile on your face.
I will try my best to keep you safe.
I would take you everywhere, to any place.
I want to keep ourselves the same.
Because I am so happy to have you near.
I love you my dear.