Love Quotes Love

You know you are in Love,
When you can’t fall in to sleep
reality is better than your dreams

You are never alone sweetie
You will never be,
because I’m always there for You.
And I will be always,
right there in Your Heart,
to love You constantly.
I Love You

Sometimes the hardest part of loving someone is
knowing they don’t fully love you the same way
you love them

True Love never dies
It only gets stronger
with the time.


Love is Life
And if You miss Love
You miss Life

You walked into my life

You walked into my life,
when I least expected,
and added color to my dreams,
in a way unexpected.

Never cry in Love,
for the one whom you cry
doesn’t deserve your tears
the one who deserve your tears
will never let you CRY…


A Boy Rings the Door-Bell of a girl’s home & Asks ,
“Do you believe in Love at first sight
Should I come back again..”