Love Quotes Love

if i know

If I know
What Love is,
It’s Because of YOU

I was shocked when heard you want to separate - Love Quotes Love

I was shocked when heard you want to separate,
I’m sure I have done my best for you,
But you have found someone better than me,
Here I wish you all the best from the heart that loves you forever

Love Quotes Love - The Art of Loving

The art of sharing, the art of living,
the art of giving and the art of caring,
that fills the entire world with one essence,
the art of loving.

Never cry in Love,
for the one whom you cry
doesn’t deserve your tears
the one who deserve your tears
will never let you CRY…

Follow and Flee

Follow Love and it will Flee
Flee Love and it will Follow

Our love is like a melody

Our love is like a melody
Let’s sing together, you and me
Our voices will leave this world
And reach the endless universe
From stars and planets will echo
Our words, and chorus, and every verse

only solution

only solution
for the puzzle of life


Late at the night,
only moon in my sight,
love you loads but no words right,
you made ma world so bright…

come here darling, hold  me close,
take my lips, there’s no second chance
‘I’m lost in you’ I’m crazy for you,
hear my heart say,

You are near me wonder it’s a dream,
you are the artist painted my life,
Angel from heaven, guide me every mile,
I live for you, die for you baby that’s true,
so hear my heart say,


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