Love Quotes Love

you never pick the people you love

They say that you never pick the people you love
But I never wanted to believe it
And then I met you
And you were what I least expected.
But I learned that sometimes, with love,
You have to forget all that you knew.

The first time you fall in Love

The first time you fall in Love,
it changes your life forever.
no matter how hard you try,
the feeling never goes away.

If you have never been in love,
Or are beginning to love for the first time,
Do not hold yourself back.
Let it wash over you, take you in,
Regardless of the outcome.

Love Quotes Love - I cant promise you the world

I can’t promise you the world,
the moon, the stars, money, cars, expensive cloths,
may be one day I can.
But right now I can promise,
when you are sad I’ll turn into a comedian,
when you are sick I’ll turn into a doctor,
when you are in a trouble I’ll turn into superman,
and when you need love I’ll turn into ME.


When you touch someone,
with your spirit
and in return
they touch your soul,
with their heart.

Faith doesn’t get you around problems in life and relationships,
it gets you through it.
― Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Friends 2 Lovers –

Only fools fall in Love
I think,
I’m one of them


Sometimes the hardest part of loving someone is
knowing they don’t fully love you the same way
you love them