Love Quotes Love

When you touch someone,
with your spirit
and in return
they touch your soul,
with their heart.

you are the PEANUT to my BUTTER
you are the STAR to my BURST
you are the MILKY to my WAY
you are the ICE to my CREAM
you are the FROOT to my LOOPS
you are the GHETTO to my BOOTY
you are the BEST to my LIFE
& all this because,

You walked into my life

You walked into my life,
when I least expected,
and added color to my dreams,
in a way unexpected.

you never pick the people you love

They say that you never pick the people you love
But I never wanted to believe it
And then I met you
And you were what I least expected.
But I learned that sometimes, with love,
You have to forget all that you knew.


Conducting a blood test on You…
testing in progress…
You are full of Honey.
No wonder,
You are so sweet!

First time I saw You I was scared to touch You
First time I touched u I was scared to kiss You
First time I kissed You I was scared to Love You
but now that I Love You I’m scared to Lose You!

To love somebody deeply
Gives you Strength
Being loved by somebody deeply
Gives you Courage


Only fools fall in Love
I think,
I’m one of them