Love Quotes Love

To Love is Nothing
To be Loved is Something
To Love and To be loved is Everything

so it’s not gonna be easy
it’s gonna be really hard
we have to work towards this everyday
but I wanna do that because
I want you
I want all of you
forever & after forever…..

You will never know true happiness
until you have truly loved
You will never understand
what pain is
until you loose it forever

I cry for the time that
you were almost mine
I cry for the memories
you’d left behind
I cry for the pain
the lost; the old; the new
I cry for the times
I thought I had you
I cry for you
I cry for me
I cry for love…..


you love someone not because
you want him to love you too
but rather
you love him simply because
you found no reason not to…

by the moon as I sit to seek you glory
the white roses I see, create a new story
seasons are many, reasons are few
what remains is that

To love somebody deeply
Gives you Strength
Being loved by somebody deeply
Gives you Courage


Never cry in Love,
for the one whom you cry
doesn’t deserve your tears
the one who deserve your tears
will never let you CRY…