Love Quotes Love

Conducting a blood test on You…
testing in progress…
You are full of Honey.
No wonder,
You are so sweet!

Some are very Beautiful
Some are very Adorable
Some are very Attractive
they are nothing compared to one Rose
That one Rose is none other than YOU…

If I was a tear in your eye,
I would roll down on to your lips.
If You were a tear in my eye
I would never cry,
as I would be afraid to lose you!

If i were a tear in ur eye i wood roll down onto ur lips.But if u were a tear in my eye i wood never cry as i wood be afraid 2 lose u!

A Boy Rings the Door-Bell of a girl’s home & Asks ,
“Do you believe in Love at first sight
Should I come back again..”

love quotes love - what hurt most

Some people hurt by words and some by action
But what hurt most is,
that someone ignores you,
when you value them more than anything!

First time I saw You I was scared to touch You
First time I touched u I was scared to kiss You
First time I kissed You I was scared to Love You
but now that I Love You I’m scared to Lose You!

You are never alone sweetie
You will never be,
because I’m always there for You.
And I will be always,
right there in Your Heart,
to love You constantly.
I Love You

My Heart beats for You

Life is for living – I live mine for You
Love is for giving – I give mine to You
Dreams are for dreaming – I dream of You
Heart is for beating – Mine beats for You