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Love Quotes Love - love does not cost a penny

Love does not cost a penny
if ever given a chance to grow
all it costs is only your time…

You are never alone sweetie
You will never be,
because I’m always there for You.
And I will be always,
right there in Your Heart,
to love You constantly.
I Love You

only solution

only solution
for the puzzle of life

True Love never dies
It only gets stronger
with the time.


I want to be,
the only Hand
You ever need to Hold

The first time you fall in Love

The first time you fall in Love,
it changes your life forever.
no matter how hard you try,
the feeling never goes away.

if i know

If I know
What Love is,
It’s Because of YOU


you love someone not because
you want him to love you too
but rather
you love him simply because
you found no reason not to…