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A collection of cute love quotes. Send these cute love quotations to your lover and express your love.

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come to my arms my sweetheart

Come to my arms my sweetheart,
Let’s immerse in our own world,
where the sun shines bright,
and only happiness and love resides

True Love never dies
It only gets stronger
with the time.

When you touch someone,
with your spirit
and in return
they touch your soul,
with their heart.

You know you are in Love,
When you can’t fall in to sleep
reality is better than your dreams


Never cry in Love,
for the one whom you cry
doesn’t deserve your tears
the one who deserve your tears
will never let you CRY…

Love Quotes Love - love does not cost a penny

Love does not cost a penny
if ever given a chance to grow
all it costs is only your time…

Faith makes all things possible
LOVE makes them easy!


You are never alone sweetie
You will never be,
because I’m always there for You.
And I will be always,
right there in Your Heart,
to love You constantly.
I Love You