Love Quotes Love
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you are the PEANUT to my BUTTER
you are the STAR to my BURST
you are the MILKY to my WAY
you are the ICE to my CREAM
you are the FROOT to my LOOPS
you are the GHETTO to my BOOTY
you are the BEST to my LIFE
& all this because,

True Love never dies
It only gets stronger
with the time.

When you touch someone,
with your spirit
and in return
they touch your soul,
with their heart.

if i know

If I know
What Love is,
It’s Because of YOU


I want to be,
the only Hand
You ever need to Hold

Love is Life
And if You miss Love
You miss Life

Sometimes the hardest part of loving someone is
knowing they don’t fully love you the same way
you love them


If you Love something let it go
if it comes back it’s yours
if it doesn’t,
it never was.