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Welcome to Love Quotes Love. Here is a collection of love quotations for your lover. Share these cute and unique love quotes to express feelings about your sweet heart.

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I want someone who will,
love me unconditionally…
for all my faults
& all my qualities…
someone who will take me,
as I am…

You know you are in Love,
When you can’t fall in to sleep
reality is better than your dreams

To Love is Nothing
To be Loved is Something
To Love and To be loved is Everything

The mouth is made for communication,
And nothing is more articulate than a kiss

if i know

If I know
What Love is,
It’s Because of YOU

Sometimes the hardest part of loving someone is
knowing they don’t fully love you the same way
you love them

I was shocked when heard you want to separate - Love Quotes Love

I was shocked when heard you want to separate,
I’m sure I have done my best for you,
But you have found someone better than me,
Here I wish you all the best from the heart that loves you forever

come to my arms my sweetheart

Come to my arms my sweetheart,
Let’s immerse in our own world,
where the sun shines bright,
and only happiness and love resides