Love Quotes Love

Follow and Flee

Follow Love and it will Flee
Flee Love and it will Follow

Love is a Treasure,
which can never pay.
The only way to keep it,
is to give away.

I want someone who will,
love me unconditionally…
for all my faults
& all my qualities…
someone who will take me,
as I am…

One word frees us,
of all the weight & pain in life.
That word is,


I love listening to LIES
when I know the TRUTH

The first time you fall in Love

The first time you fall in Love,
it changes your life forever.
no matter how hard you try,
the feeling never goes away.

The mouth is made for communication,
And nothing is more articulate than a kiss

love is like a mountain

LOVE is like a mountain
hard to climb.
once you get in to the top,
the view is beautiful.